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Welcome to my blog! On it I'm going to post all the things we cover in class (handouts, youtube vids, useful stuff in the library, revision notes....) so it'll be in one easy to find spot. If you want to ask me anything direct (and that incluldes you, parents) then don't bother emailing me at my gmail address, but do drop me a line at my school address.

Monday 12 September 2011

Not everything is epic

I know it's been a while, and you're all busy remembering all of the stuff we covered at the end of last year, as well as finding the time to watch the next episode of 'The Adventure of English' (we're on to episode 4 now, which is useful, having swerved episode 3, which wasn't that essential).
Anyhow, I said I'd throw this link up, which illustrates quite neatly the life cycle of some words, in this case 'epic'. (Case in point - about 18months ago I made an unnamed rascal in your year recover his book, because he'd scrawled 'EPIC' on it, gritty-urban-street style; yesterday I heard it on an advert for insurance.)
I'm not convinced about his ideas about how words can't change their classes, but I do think the diagram near the bottom of the post makes sense - it's like English teaching, just with more swearing.
Stay tuned near the end of the week - I'll post everything we've done regarding slang, plus a few extra goods for any of you who have done all of the reading.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

New Year 12? You've made the right choice...

Afternoon! If you're reading this, then congratulations for making an excellent choice! Without mucking about, get yourself a gmail account, and then fill out this very short survey that you can find here